When we came back from our holiday at Victoria Falls we peered through the “windows” of the rabbits’ home, but failed to find any rabbits.

On the Sunday, we met up with the boys from the Boys’ Brigade who said that they had decided to abandon the project.  The weather was too cold now for the rabbits.  (It’s certainly cold – we’ve had no water some mornings until the sun melts the water frozen in the pipes.)

I guess if it was easy to breed rabbits here, we would have seen them for sale by now.  (Live chickens, by contrast, are for sale by the road every day in our local town.)  So, with the benefit of hindsight, perhaps the failure is not too surprising.

The boys have, however, proved themselves to be diligent in looking after the rabbits over the months and, when the original bag of food ran out, they clubbed together to buy more rather than come to me for more money.

They say they want to try another project – although not rabbits again – but want to go away to decide on a plan before they talk to me about it.  I look forward to hearing what they have in mind.